New Year brings with it a time of reflection, planning and a whole host of new opportunities from the brands under our portfolio! Here are a few key considerations to jump start 2018!

Take time to reflect on what really worked for you in 2017, be that new treatments, new brands or maybe an event or training that has boosted business.

Reward your team for their efforts and hard work over the previous year and especially a busy December. Offer reviews – are your therapists and technicians looking for any new challenges, do they have any ideas to help push your business forward? Do they need any additional training? Remember, brands such as Faby and He-Shi are able to support you with retail training for your business to boost confidence and ultimately sales!

Review your salon layout and get it ready and refreshed for the 2018. With Faby we have some stunning marketing material available whether in print form such as posters and totems or media packages for all of your digital channels.

Driving your business forward in 2018 is all about planning and communication. You will have advanced notification on new collections and products so always schedule to revamp your salon, plan offers and update websites, social media. Don’t forget to inform and involve staff as well!

Palms Extra would like to wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and will be looking forward to working with you to enhance your business the year!