With a wide range of gel polish systems on the market, what makes FABY’s Lacquering Gel stand out from the crowd?

Well to start with Lacquering Gel boasts a TPO and SOLVENT FREE formulation, promoting safety for the Technician and client. With a beautiful colour selection, each shade is highly pigmented and rich in tone, presented in stunning packaging and a high gloss finish; what’s not to love?

Every FABY lacquering Gel colour has a corresponding lacquer – perfect for retail! We think that with over 60 colours to start with, you will have a colour for each and every one of your clients. Plus, as a young brand you can rest assured that new colours are always in the pipeline.

Each seasonal colour collection from FABY will see the introduction of a corresponding Lacquering Gel Colour Kit with the most popular colours and special offer of one colour FREE per Kit.

The TPO FREE formula has been developed with LED technology to ensure you maximise your most important commodity – time! FABY’s LED lamp is sensor operated, has a removable base plate, offers 30, 45 and 60 second timers and did we mention that is also super sleek and designed to look beautiful at your nail station!

For a system that is easy to apply, is highly durable and easy to remove, Lacquering Gel has it all. FABY also boasts the soak off gel treatment “ZERO” which can be used as a base to colour application to target weak and damaged nails.

If you are looking for a new gel polish system supported by beautiful marketing, we have some fantastic start up options for you. We know that investing in a new gel polish system can seem costly, but are confident that once you join the Faby Family you won’t look back.

Here are some of our favourite FABY colours to help inspire you:

Sensual Touch - classy looking, nude so goes with everything. I like to add in a “Magic Wand” ring finger too to add some subtle sparkle!

Imagine from the JOY Collection! The berry shade brings to life all outfits and is perfect to wear for all seasons.

Black is Black. I love it’s shiny dark depth, a great base for glitter’s and jewels and its’ versatility to go from Glam to Goth dependant on your mood. (Plus its slimming!)

Lotus Flower in Shanghai. I love the purple tones to this colour and the fact that it is not a deep purple so can be worn in any season.

Ladies of Leonardo because it’s a fun, bright pink that just makes me happy!

Jacqueline d’Antibes is such a classy, versatile shade that epitomises all that Faby is about. A super glossy colour that is perfect for all skin tones and occasions.

Via Montenapoleone. It is a perfect go to colour for any occasion and outfit!