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About Us / Company Information

Palms Extra are committed to providing and building a strong, reliable partnership with all of our Customers. We strive to do this with high quality, affordable nail products and inspirational training to achieve the best from our products.

Our company is founded on providing and maintaining excellent Customer Service and continued support and development.

Established in 2006, Palms Extra has continued to expand and develop our product portfolio to ensure that we can provide our Customers with an excellent range of high quality products from the following brands:

  • Faby
    Tha latest brand to join our range is Italian nail brand Faby. Capturing the essence of Italian style, the international brand Faby provides professionals with 'A taste of Italy', with their luxurious range of nail products and traditional and innovative ethos inspired by Italian culture and fashion. Products are Vegan, 5-Free and Cruelty-Free.

  • Nubar
    A dynamic, innovative and growing brand that boasts an excellent range of natural nail products and enhancement systems. Established for 15 years as 'the healthy alternative for beautiful nails', our products are '5 free' and vegan & cruelty free. With Nubar you are guaranteed variety, regular new colours and exciting product launches.

  • Odyssey/VPP
    The most recent addition to our portfolio, Odyssey Nail Systems boasts an extraordinary range of the highest quality products that are recognised by nail professionals globally. Suitable for technicians of all levels, the ONS range is Made For the Best, By the Best! VPP is a brand under the Odyssey Nail Systems umbrella which contains innovative art based products that provide a brand new way to create stunning nail designs quickly and effectively.

  • Palms Extra
    This range comprises of the all important Salon Essentials alongside core professional systems, accessories and nail art, all at highly competitive prices.

  • Queen B
    A successful addition to the Palms Extra portfolio, the Queen B range has been developed by Nubar Educator Belinda Price to provide salons with the perfect home treatment products. BStrong, BQuick and BHealthy are high quality treatments that produce amazing results.